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Bulldozer Hire

We provide a wide selection of tracked bulldozers available for self-drive hire throughout Shropshire and the West Midlands, along with the additional option of hire our operators to drive it for you. Call now to arrange a free consultation regarding your plant hire needs, and our experts will advise on the best vehicle for the job. We also offer free quotes with each of our services, so get in touch today.

Tracked Dozer Hire

Our tracked dozers are equipped with low ground pressure tracks, allowing them to tackle all kinds of difficult terrains. These can include wetlands, swamps, and loose rubble terrain. Each of our vehicles are available for a self-hire, self-drive basis, or alternatively you can hire one of our drivers to help you get the job done.

Leading Bulldozer Brands

We provide dozers that are from widely-renowned brands to assure quality and efficiency from the vehicles which you hire, such as those from Komatsu Limited and Caterpillar. Furthermore, each of these vehicles are available with fully-equipped GPS systems. Our most popular models chosen by previous customers include:

Komatsu D61PX-23 LGP

An 18 ton crawler dozer, the D61PX provides excellent stability across terrains along with a powerful yet fuel-efficient engine. Furthermore the large glass windows and integrated rear camera provide the driver with optimal visibility of the blade, ripper and any objects nearby at all times. Furthermore the cab boasts high-quality sound-absorbent lining, as well as a state of the art climate control system keeping it pressurised and free of dust.

Komatsu D65PX-23 LGP

One of our largest bulldozers available to hire, the D65 PX is a 22 ton crawler dozer with a wide undercarriage, perfectly designed for traversing soft surfaces. Its sturdy and rugged design improves its overall durability, reducing any stress points in the overall structure.

Caterpillar D6R LGP

With exceptional lugging power, this 20 ton crawler dozer has outstanding traction and balance no matter the condition of ground it traverses. This design withstands the most severe of working environments ensuring continual progress no matter the weather. The D6R’s elevated drive sprockets also offers greater absorbent from ground shocks and tremors, for greater durability and comfort.

Short Term & Long Term Dozer Hire

Whether this is for a one-off, or you’re looking for a regular supply of hired vehicles. Get in touch with our team, to discuss your project goals.

Arrange A Bulldozer Hire Today

Learn more about our fleet of bulldozers by speaking with our experts today. We will help you find the right vehicle for your next project.

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