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How Quality Earthworks Is The Key To Efficient Site Preparation

Earthworks is the foundation of all construction work. What’s in the ground, and what happens in the ground will directly impact the success of the building above. As a result, it’s important to have a skilled contractor carry out these works. This way, you can ensure everything is done properly and set your worksite up for success. To help highlight the importance of this, we’ve put together an overview on why earthworks is so key.

Why Earthworks Are Essential

Earthworks are essential because it’s the first point of contact for all construction. It involves grading different levels to work off, installing pathways and temporary roads to access key areas, and drainage to prevent flooding and direct water. Therefore without this, a construction site would be chaos. We’ve gone into more detail about this below to help emphasise what earthworks really does.

Site Infrastructure

Site infrastructure is all your access, utilities and networks across the site. From trenches for temporary cables to graded roads, or machinery to access important parts of the site, infrastructure is the foundation of an efficient site. Without this aspect of earthworks, materials couldn’t be delivered, trades couldn’t access workspaces, and mud and water would reign supreme during the winter.

Structural Integrity With Practical Earthworks

The structural integrity of a building isn’t just about the solid foundations built, but the surface in which they’re built. Now, an engineer will outline the sub-soil required and at what depth this can be found. However, it’s up to earthworks contractors to dig down and create the space for foundations to be built. Without this, buildings could crack, sink or fail.

Drainage trench

Mitigating Environmental Impact

Responsible earthworks means taking care of the environment around you. Construction always has an impact on nature, so it’s important to mitigate this as much as possible. That’s why a proficient contractor will use techniques to avoid soil erosion, preserve habitats and help maintain a balance between humans and nature whilst a building is constructed.

Get In Touch With Corley Plant Hire For Quality Earthworks

Contact Corley Plant Hire for comprehensive, experienced earthworks. We’re fully qualified and knowledgeable in all aspects of the trade to ensure your site is prepared with a solid foundation. To find out more about the work we do, give us a call today.


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