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Why Dumper Hire Safety Is Crucial On A Construction Site

Dumper hire can be a convenient way to shift material around a work site. However, there is an aspect of health and safety that must be adhered to at all times. A dumper is a big machine, and capable of a lot of damage to not just property, but people too. To help emphasise the importance of safety considerations when it comes to large machinery, we’ve put together this overview.

The Four Elements Of Dumper Hire Safety

When it comes to dumper hire safety, there are four main areas to consider, we’ve outlined what these are in more detail below:

Health & Safety

General health and safety for dumper hire means regular maintenance to ensure all aspects such as brakes, fluid levels and oil are optimal to avoid accidental damage to the machine and those operating it. It’s also important to always wear your seatbelt. Fortunately, most modern dumpers come with a safety feature that prevents the user from starting the vehicle without wearing their belt.


The second element to dumper hire safety is knowing your surroundings. Dumpers have blind spots in and around the tray. Some models provide cameras to resolve this issue, however, some older models do not. It’s also crucial to consider the crush zones of a dumper and ensure you, or others are not exposed when operating a dumper. The crush points are between the back and front of the dump, in the middle where the machine swivels can cause serious harm to anyone caught at full turn.


Terrain is another consideration to take into account when operating a dumper. Different surfaces pose different risks, and you should be aware of this in order to maintenance a risk free site. Soil, for example can cause a dumper to sink. This may lead to it getting stuck and obstructing work, or worse case scenario – tip over. Concrete and gravel on the other hand can be slippery when wet. As a result, the dumper may slide at high speeds and lose control. This can pose a risk to yourself and those around you.


Lastly, and quite possibly the most essential aspect of dumper hire on site, is the operation. It’s important that all contractors are qualified, experienced and knowledgeable in using this type of machinery. The tipping nature of a dumper means it’s easy to over do it and flip the machine. This is not just dangerous for the operator but those around them too. Always tip on the flat whilst driving straight. The shift in weight and sharp turns can result in crushing and damage to machinery.

An Infographic on dumper hire safety

Choose Corley Plant Hire For Dumper Safety

At Corley Plant Hire, we value dumper hire safety and promote awareness for all our machinery. If you’re interested in hiring a dumper for your construction site, then get in touch with one of our team today.


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